Art on Skin: The Stunning Portrait of Ronnie Radke Tattoos Unveiled (2024)

Tattoos and piercings are something that people like most. It is because these things make people’s bodies more attractive and fascinating. In today’s post, we will go through Ronnie Radke Tattoos.

Ronnie Radke is the nickname of Ronald Joseph Radke, an emerging American singer. He is also a songwriter, record producer, musician and rapper. He is also famous due to his entire tattooed body. That’s why we will talk about the tattoos on his body.

He was a well-known singer in his early stage. In his 20, he becomes the co-founder of the band “Escape The Fate.” Soon, his career gets endangered due to its public violations. He also did not respect women too much, and when he talked about it, he said that he never saw his mother, which is why he is less respectful when it comes to women. After escaping, he merged with a new band, “Falling in Reverse,” and made their presence again.

The introduction is done, and now time to reach our actual topic, “Ronnie Radke Tattoos.” His complete body is full of tattoos and has no space from where you can see the skin of his body. So, let’s explore every single tattoo with its meaning.

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Ronnie Radke Tattoos

Alien and UFOs Tattoo

The right bicep of Ronnie contains an Alien-shaped tattoo. On its top, many UFOs are also printed. Robot Tattoos are also imprinted with these Aliens and their UFOs, giving a mysterious look to their bicep.

Screaming Woman Tattoo

His right bicep is full of mysterious tattoos, and one of them is a screaming woman. Nuclear wars are happening all around there. This tattoo is also a strange one.

CrossBones XXX Tattoo

After the bicep, it’s time to jump at the forearm of the hand. Here, you can easily observe the symbol of XXX or crossbones. We all know this tattoo shows the danger of death. Maybe he wants to tell you you must avoid touching the place.

Gun And Roses Tattoo

He owns a tattoo on his left inner bicep where a pink rose gun is available. Both gun and rose at the same place look like they are penetrating one another. Such an astonishing tattoo.

The tattoo is so unique that it takes time to find meaning. Love always shows respect, while a gun is a sign of aggression. Both these tattoos may mean that he can destroy you with their outer. This means he is expressing his personality.

Nautical Star Tattoo

A nautical star is tattooed on its left shoulder, which is black and red.

This star is a means for protection and guidance. I know this because the lead is used to guide soldiers who sail. It mainly tells that you have divine guidance, which will be helpful in your success roads.

Heart Grenade Tattoo

Another tattoo he owns on his left forearm is the written word Love. A white banner and green grenade ink also round the word, Love. This tattoo shows prosperity and love to all of him.

Hand Portrait

As Ronnie never respects women, the next tattoo also shows that. He has a scary women tattoo on his left hand. He claimed that he mainly made it for his ex-girlfriend, Emily. Ronnie wrote “Let’s Go of Emily” just with the tattoo.

Knife Tattoo

The knife symbol has a significant place in Christianity. He has a knife tattoo on his face’s right side, just beneath the ear. The knife symbol expresses martyrdom according to them.

Frog On Horse Tattoo

The next tattoo is a horse on which a frog sits. Ronnie claimed that Butternuts were his favorite horse and died because he ate garbage. He tattoos her horse on his leg as providing it an honor.

He also wrote, “Ahoy, Butternuts!” which seems like he is calling on his horse and will never forget.

Mic Tattoo

Ronnie’s mic tattoo on their body seems nothing strange. It is because he is a music enthusiast and also a singer. So, having a mic sign can express his love for music and its equipment.

Musical Notes Tattoo

Another tattoo of musical notes he owns is on the inner side of his left bicep. This also expresses his Love and devotion to the music field. He might try saying his characteristics because he is also a song script writer.

Spider Web And Rose Tattoo

On the neck, Ronnie owns a unique and strange tattoo. It is a spider web with a spider and a rose with all that.

Spider always shows fear and death meanings while the rose symbolizes Love and devotion for one another. Despite this, the spider web symbol always expresses the prison meaning. He may show him all his struggles through these symbols. As he also faces prison for his offensive deeds.

Octopus Tattoo

Octopus is mainly famous due to its multi hands. This means that they can do multi tasks at once.

The unique thing about Ronnie’s octopus tattoo is that its octopus has eight legs instead of 6. In symbol meanings, the octopus always describes the success you achieve after overcoming your fears.

He also may describe himself here because he vanished once a time but soon returned, struggling hard and achieving success. This time he makes himself stronger, representing an octopus with eight legs.

Chest Piece

He tattooed a magnificent owl on his chest. The owl is always a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. On his chest, the owl also holds a women’s head.

This way, he may pay tribute to someone special who left him on the road to success.

Portrait On Stomach

Just beneath the owl tattoo, he owns a portrait in which he expresses himself. He has his shaped tattoo on his stomach origin. The truth behind this happening is not yet revealed, but it seems a masterpiece tattooed by a master.

‘RR’ Tattoo

On his face and right side eye, he owns two magical words. The right side of the right eye contains a tattoo, “RR,” which expresses himself. His name is Ronnie Ronald, and RR is the short term of his name. These are both initials of his name.

Diamond Tattoo

He also owns a diamond tattoo on his left arm’s upper side.

We all know it is tough to break a diamond. So, the diamond symbol mainly shows strong faith and firmness, which cannot die in any circ*mstances.

This also shows wealth and prosperity resulting from your strong faith and belief.

Rose On Chest

While having a prominent and large owl tattoo on his cheek, he also makes space to imprint a rose with the owl. The rose contains different shades of pink, peach and red.

We all know roses always represent better days, Love, respect, and loyalty for relationships, but three shades must be noticed. The young red rose always shows devotion and Love. While pink and peach roses also represent sweetness, sincerity and nature.

Shark Tattoo

He owns a furious-looking shark tattoo on the right side of his face, just the upper right ear.

The meaning behind the shark tattoo is always protection and courage against your enemies. It represents that you are eager to dominate others and have enough courage to tackle your enemies.

Art on Skin: The Stunning Portrait of Ronnie Radke Tattoos Unveiled (2024)


Why did Ronnie Radke cover all his tattoos? ›

From what we know about the star, it looks like he decided to black out some of his tattoos because he wanted to disconnect from certain parts of his past.

Did MGK get a blackout tattoo? ›

In February, the rapper and singer-songwriter, 33, debuted a massive blackout tattoo that spans across his upper torso and both arms, covering most of his previous tattoos.

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Can you reverse blackout tattoos? ›

If you're lucky, a small tattoo can be completely removed in as little as 2-3 sessions. But for a blackout tattoo, you might only be needing to double that amount of sessions, even though you should be prepared for over a dozen separate laser treatments depending on the tat itself and other factors like your skin type.

Does Kelly Clarkson have tattoos? ›

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What band did Ronnie Radke leave? ›

Ronald Joseph Radke (born December 15, 1983) is an American singer. He was the founder and singer in the band Escape the Fate from 2004 to 2008. As of December 2008, he is the founder and singer in the band Falling in Reverse.

What is the point of blackout tattoos? ›

Modern blackout tattoos are influenced by traditional Polynesian tattoos and graphic art. Their designs also often incorporate aspects of neo-tribal tattoos. The technique originated as an alternative method of covering up unwanted tattoos, instead of the more expensive tattoo removal.

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Blackout tattoos are typically done in one session, and sometimes they can take anywhere a few days to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the design. Black Out tattoo are exactly what they sound like tattoos that are completely blacked out.

Why did Kat Von D remove her tattoos? ›

"I had many tattoos that represented a part of my life that no longer aligns with who I am today. Some people are fine with keeping these types of landmarks in time on them -- I personally grew tired of waking up to them, and seeing those constant reminders every time I looked in a mirror," she wrote.

Why was Kat Von D removed from her brand? ›

Kat Von D Sold Her Brand Because She Feels She Doesn't “Fit Into” the Beauty Industry Anymore. She also credits influencer culture as a reason too. Kat Von D left her namesake makeup brand earlier this month. Kat's now explaining why on the Second Life podcast.

Can you tattoo over black ink? ›

In conclusion, tattooing over black ink is possible, but requires careful planning, high-quality ink, and proper skin preparation. By following best practices and using the right type of ink, tattoo artists can successfully cover up existing tattoos and provide their clients with the desired look.

What is a blown out tattoo? ›

Tattoo blowouts occur when a tattoo artist presses too hard when applying ink to the skin. The ink is sent below the top layers of skin where tattoos belong. Below the skin's surface, the ink spreads out in a layer of fat. This creates the blurring associated with a tattoo blowout.

Can laser 100% remove a tattoo? ›

Yes, lasers can remove tattoos completely. In fact, lasers are the safest, most effective tool to remove unwanted tattoos with. However, you may need to receive several sessions before the tattoo is removed completely.

What is tattoo flu? ›

Some people feel psyched about their new tattoo, while others might feel sick. If you're feeling a bit under the weather after getting some new ink, you might be experiencing “tattoo flu.” Usually mild and quick to pass, this post tattoo flu-like illness is a common result of your body's natural defenses saying “Whoa!

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Is Ronnie Radke his real name? ›

Ronald Joseph Radke (/ˈrædki/; born December 15, 1983) is an American musician, singer, rapper, and songwriter, best known as the current lead singer of rock band Falling in Reverse and the former lead singer of post-hardcore band Escape the Fate.

Does Jai Courtney have tattoos? ›

Courtney has a number of tattoos including a rope, a skull and a dog.

What tattoo does Ronnie Dunn have? ›

"When Ronnie Dunn decided to become a solo act, he wanted to do something to show he was a cowboy -- so he had the word Cowboy tattooed on his arm in gigantic letters.

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