Brotato Hatchet (2024)

1. Hatchet - Brotato Wiki

  • Jun 25, 2023 · Hatchet is a Melee Weapon. Melee weapons have two different attack types, thrust and swing, both are capable of hitting multiple enemies. Melee ...

  • Brotato Wiki Guide to Hatchet, Stats, Damage, Effects, Set Bonuses

2. Hatchet | Brotato Wiki - Fandom

  • Brotato Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Full Site.

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3. Ghost Axe - Brotato Wiki

4. Vrandtastic: Lodestar Hatchet - Brofessor Brotato - Final Fantasy XIV

  • Achievement `Vrandtastic: Lodestar Hatchet` earned by Brofessor Brotato.

  • Character profile for Brofessor Brotato.

5. Brotato: All Unlockables And How To Get Them - TheGamer

  • To unlock the Hatchet weapon, you should win a game with Wildling character. Spider. Spider Item Icon from Brotato. The Spider item ...

  • This is the guide you need for all unlockables in Brotato and how to unlock them.

6. Brotato Meta Best Strategies - MetaBrotato

  • Discover best Brotato Strategies, Guides and Builds to win more runs on Brotato with the best builds of the meta - MetaBrotato ... Ghost Axe. +1% Damage for every ...

  • Discover best Brotato Strategies, Guides and Builds to win more runs on Brotato with the best builds of the meta - MetaBrotato.

7. The Best Builds In Brotato - TheGamer

  • For this build to work, try to find as many Crossbows as you can by re-rolling and just strive for attack speed and critical damage. One Ghost Axe Build (Hard).

  • Here are the builds that will let you play Brotato in easy mode.

8. Brotato Build Planner, Character Builder - Solo Grinding

  • Weapon 1 Image. None, Cacti Club, Chopper, Circular Saw, Claw, Drill, Excalibur, Fighting Stick, Fist, Flaming Brass Knuckles, Ghost Axe, Ghost Flint, Hammer ...

  • Use our Brotato Build Planner to plan out the character early and late game weapon builds, item priorities from the shop and which stat upgrades to go for.

9. Weapons - Brotato Wiki - Fandom

  • Hatchet · Ricochet. Back. Items · Acid · Alien Baby · Alien Magic · Alien Tongue · Baby Elephant · Baby with a Beard · Bandana. Back. Common items · Alien ...

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10. Brotato: Ghost Build - The ultimate Guide - MetaBrotato

  • Welcome to the Ghost Build Guide, where we'll help you create an effective strategy for your run using "Ghost Axe" as our main weapon.

11. Brotato: 10 Best Melee Weapons, Ranked - Game Rant

  • Apr 4, 2023 · Players will receive a 1% increase in their damage stat for every 20 enemies killed with the axe, which improves to +1% per 12 kills if it is at ...

  • Along with picking the best characters, Brotato players also need to select the right weapons.

Brotato Hatchet (2024)
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