Free Youth Football Plays, Free football plays for coaches (2024)

Here are the best free youth football plays that you can have in your playbook. These football plays are very easy to install and they work very well in youth football.

Youth Football Shotgun Wing T-Quarterback Trap

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This play is most successful off the jet sweep; once the defense starts over playing the sweep, hit them with trap. The best thing is that if you do not have a mobile quarter back, you can give it to the off-set running back and have him carry the ball on the trap. First off it all starts with a great fake by the motion wing back. The wing must carry his fake all the way outside and up the field. The fullback leads QB through hole. The left defensive tackle is the trap guy. Any defenders in a 3 – 4 technique is the trap player. It is important that the pulling right guard aiming point is the inside hip of the D-tackle (trap player). Tight End kicks out defensive end, offensive tackle rips past the tackle onto the linebacker. The back side linemen & split end down and cracktheyon sweep. This will holds the backside pursuit because they are reading sweep. This play is a great key breaker, it really holds the backside pursue of the defense. This play is a great complimentary play to the jet sweep.

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Double Wing Superpower

The superpower is a dominant play. The super power is indeed super powerful. This play has 9 blockers at the point of attack, this allows double teams of all play side D-linemen and kick out of the edge defenders ( having 0 Foot splits makes this possible). This offense starts out in a balanced set, one of the wing backs takes 2 steps back (motion) gets the pitch from the QB and hits the point of attack. As the defense starts adjusting to the motion of the wing back the defense will open themselves up for plays off the super power. My role as a defensive coordinator for the past several seasons, believe me when I tell you, the double wing youth football offense is the most difficult offense I have faced. This offense is simple to teach, fun, and you will move the ball with great success (if run correctly).

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Wing T: 38 Jet Sweep

Jet sweep is an excellent play to attack the edge of the defense with. Take one of your quicker athletes, start him in full motion before the snap, get him the ball as he hits top speed and let him run. Crack/Down blocking on all defenders outside the play side tackle. Since the RB has a full head of steam while receiving the ball from the QB any player inside a 3 technique (Defenders inside shoulder of OT) does not need to be blocked because they will never make the play. Having a successful jet sweep will open the defense up for some different plays off the motion.

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I-Formation:21 Trap

Trap plays are great misdirection running plays for an offense. The can either lead the defense to believe that the play is headed one way, when it’s actually running the other. Or, it can catch defensive lineman off guard who might otherwise plug a gap. It’s called a “trap” for a reason. The key to a successful trap isn’t the running back. It’s the pulling lineman, usually the guard. 21 trap in an inside trap so usually the defender your trapping is the first defender inside the Offensive tackles shoulder.

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Wishbone: 36 Blast

The Blast play in youth football is the most commonly ran play. The idea of the blast play is to double team block the NG, playside DT, or play-sideDE driving them backwards into the linebacker level disturbing the linebackers ability to step up and stop the play. You can also pull the backside guard for an extra blocker at the point of attack. Running the blast play out of the wishbone formation is very successful. Wishbone has 2 blockers out of the backfield allowing your O-line to double team the playside D-linemen. The wishbone is a balanced offensive set, meaning there is no strong side of the field. That makes the defense have to cover all gaps of your formation, which allows you to have more blockers at the point of attack. This is a great free youth football play that pounds the ball!

(Download) Wishbone Offense Playbook


Pro Set: 18 Veer Option

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The option play is a very hard play for youth football defenses to halt. Let the defense pick how you are going to beat them. Although the option is a high risk play and requires a lot of reps in practice there are ways to simplify it (while still being a headache for defensive coordinators). This play is the veer option with DE being the read. I was able to run the veer opinion with great success with the older group of kids. As for the little guys you might want to consider running Load Opinion, (Load Blocking play-side D-end). If you can implement some kind of option play into your offense, you’ll have a diverse attack. Simple way to frustrate defensivecoordinators. This free football play takes some time to get down but it can be used at the older levels with much success.

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Wing T-Buck Sweep

The buck sweep is the trade mark of the wing t. Buck sweep, the traditional 100 series- blue formation (100 series means bucks sweep, blue means tight-end/wing-back flank is to the left) which all you wing t coaches know about. The buck sweep is still used by many wing t coaches, both on the youth football and high school football level. Let’s not forget the Delaware Wing T offense, coached by Coach Harold Raymond, who made the wing t famous.

This play has 5 down offensive linemen, 2 wing-backs, 1 fullback, 1 tight-end and 1 split-end. This play attacks the edge of the defense. Buck uses down blocks and pulls guards to kick out the outside defenders. This play is designed to out flank the defense. The tight-end and wing-back splits are lined about a foot wider. This will create a natural running lane, as well as great blocking angles on the defense. Play-side linemen down block, both guards pull kicking out any defenders outside the C-gap (7-9 techniques). The key to this play is the down blocks by the tight-end and offensive tackle, along with the kick-out blocks. These blocks will make a tunnel for the running back to take it right up the field. Run to the flanks all day! Make the defense shift, or get beat! When they shift, it sets up the other plays in the wing t series.


Power Concepts out of the Spread Offense

(H-back Kick-out) On this play we have the (H) kick-out the defensive end and have the backside guard pull and lead through the hole. Very easy to execute, works very well.

(Z kick-out) On this play we utilize motion to gain numbers advantage at the point of attack. The (Z) comes in motion and he kicks out the defense end. The (H) blocks down on the defensive tackle. The backside guards pulls and leads through the hole.

(Backside Guard Kick-out)On this concept we have the backside guard pull and kick-out the defensive end. This tactic is very similar to the trap play. We bring the (H) across and he lead through the hole. This is a way way to run power if you good athletes at guards.

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Passing Concepts for Youth Football

The Smash Concept works very well off of play-action. This passing concept features a two player route combination. The outside player runs a smash route and the inside receiver will run a corner route.

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The 4-Vertical Concept is a great way to attack single high defenses. This concept features four players running vertical routes. This is a great way to beat cover 1, cover 2, and cover 3.

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The Go-Out Passing Concept is a very simple concept that gives the Quarterback a clear read. In this concept there will be one receiver running a deep route along the sideline while a second receiver runs a route that places him 5 yards from the LOS along the sideline.

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The Curl Flat passing concept is a staple off almost all passing attacks. The basic idea is that the offense is looking to create a high-low read on the flat defender.

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The Post-Wheel passing concept is the best play-action passing play in youth football. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve hit big on the Post-Wheel off of Jet Sweep Action. The Post-Wheel is the best passing concept in football.

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The Flood Passing Concept will send multiple defenders into one zone. Flood concepts are great for beating zone coverage. They are also very effective against man to man coverage. Flood concepts work very well off of play-action.

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The Drive Concept is a universal passing concept that is so used in the College level that many people refer to it as the NCAA concept. This concept puts linebackers in a high-low read conflict. Easy to install, works very well in youth football.

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The Mesh Passing Concept is a great way to allow your athletes to use the width of the field to get open. These types of crossing routes are very difficult for the defense to cover.

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Not many formations stress the defense like the Bunch Formation. This formation puts three receivers closely packed together wide. The defense is forced to defend these players in a variety of different way.

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Free Youth Football Plays, Free football plays for coaches (2024)
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