Spread Offense Playbook Youth Football #1 Best Top 100 Plays (2024)

This is Coach Parker’s Spread Offense Playbook Youth Football. It is his #1 best top 100 Spread plays for pee wee football teams. Below is a 30 minute video walk through of the spread formation playbook; The Wildcat Multi Spread Offense.

The is a great spread offense pdf eBook playbook for youth football teams 8U Select and up or about 10U and up for recreational youth football teams. It is a more complex playbook than his Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook. If you are looking for a spread offense playbook youth football then look no further than the Wildcat Multi spread offense info below.

Spread Offense Playbook Youth Football Video

Spread Formation & History Video Part 1

  • The Spread Offense started out as a Triple Wing running offense with a passing attack for TCU in the 1940’s and 50’ under Coach Dutch Meyer.
  • As passing attacks became more popular, so did the Spread Offense’s wide-open passing attack and run game with High School coaches willing to have some fun in a Run and Shoot Offense.
  • The wide-open Spread Passing game became a wild Cougar Air Raid at the college level. Running was at a minimum for the Red Raiders too.
  • The Craziness of the Run and Shoot Air Raid was great for colleges, but the Pistol brought an I variation Spread to the NFL Falcons.
  • Option football worked itself into the Spread in Florida and Spread Option football entered and not just for the run game.
  • If the I and Option football could become part of the Spread so could the Auburn Power run game, and now we have the modern Pro Style Spread Offense run by the NCAA and NFL teams.
  • The formation has come full circle, just as it was written by the Football Gods. A balanced attacking offense.

It is always good to know the history of a Spread Offense Playbook Youth Football. Coach Parker’s book is based more around the Dutch Myers TCU Spread than the Air Raid Spread Offense of Leach.

Main WMSO Spread Formations

The Main Spread Formations in the Wildcat Multi Spread Offense Playbook are the Texas Formation which is a standard 2×2 or 2×1 offensive formation. The Cake formation which is a variation of a Single Wing Spread Formation or Wildcat. The Ace Trips formation and Jumbo are based off my Beast Double wide formation that Coach Parker has been running for years. The Squad formation is Coach Parker’s take on Bunch formations and super spread single wing formations.

This is part of the spread offense playbook youth football video on the Main WMSO Spread Formations

Texas Spread Formation 2×2 Plays

In this part of the video and spread offense playbook youth football Coach Parker goes over all the Texas 2×2 formation and plays. This is a great set of plays for any spread offense playbook youth football.

From the TCU “Normal” Spread formation
The Texas formation is a two back set with the a QB and FB in the backfield. The FB can be at a sniffer, up FB, Side FB or behind QB at TB. You can tag as needed. You can also adjust splits of X/Y and 2/3 slot backs. I will also sometimes add the #3 or #2 RB to the backfield with a tag, 2TB or 3HBR.

Cake Single Wing Spread Formation Plays

Cake is Coach Parker’s Single Wing Spread formation based on the Notre Dame Box formation for the early 1900s and a SMU Spread variation. You can see the Cake Spread Plays video. Great single wing spread plays from the WMSO spread offense playbook youth football by Coach Parker.

The Cake formation consists of two speed backs in the backfield and two fullback types as the power wings, sniffers or blocking backs. The two power blocking backs will move in tight and out wide of the offensive line depending upon the hole call or formation tag. The two blocking backs are together on one side of the football acting together as lead power blockers, power wings or a power stack in this spread offense playbook youth football plays.

Ace Trips Spread Formation Plays

The Ace, Jumbo and Worm formation are spread double and triple wing formations and or Trips formation. See plays from the Ace, Jumbo Worms Formations. I have been using this spread offense playbook youth football formation since 1994 with great success at the 7u, 8u, 9u, 10u , 11u and 12u levels. Find out more about the WMSO.

The Ace formation is similar to the Tex and Cake formations; double wing and single wing formations. Since the Texas Spread formation was developed from the Ace formation at TCU in the 50’s, you can still run many of the Texas formation plays in the Ace formation. I’ve drawn up a few plays in the Ace formation, but I did not redraw each Texas formation play in Ace. You can judge how you want to develop Ace into your offense. For me, Ace is usually just a Texas tag to move the FB to Wingback from Texas.

Squad Bunch Formation Plays in WMSO

Squad formation is Coach Parker’s take on the Bunch formation and the old lonesome pole cat play. See the Squad formation spread plays from his WMSO spread offense playbook youth football.

The Squad formation is a Notre Dame Single Wing formation spread out. The complimentary Squad formations are Gang and Diamond bunches. Simple, Delta and Sail are also in the Squad bunch family. The main play out of Squad is the quick Screen.

General Blocking Info & Player Profiles

The last part of the spread formation video reviews blocking and player profiles that best work with the Wildcat Multi spread offense playbook youth football.

Just as an FYI, much of the base plays and coaching tips that are in my youth football playbooks are on myWebsite,Twitter,FacebookandYoutubesites. You can also find more of myfree youth football playsthat I posted on myYouth Football Coaching Tips Pinterest free football playsboard.

Enjoy the Wildcat multi spread offense playbook youth football review video, youth football coaching tips and plays!!! Let me know how I can help you become a better youth football coach.

Do you run spread formation plays or other youth football plays from another similar youth football running formations or passing formation please let me know. I love to hear from youth football coaches, especially those running spread offense playbook youth football.

Please leave me a comment below orcontact meanytime. I love talking aboutcoaching youth football, spread offense playbook youth football plays and other unstoppable youth football formations and plays, especially in old football formations like the UBSW Offense and Yale Single Wing orBeast Offense. I also love to talk youth football defenses like the62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defensebased on the 62 Wide Tackle.

For more info on the Wildcat Multi Spread Formation Playbook.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas / Keller / N Fort Worth

PS: Stay Safe & Be Nice.

PSS: I have started two new websites with my other past time; World of Tanks. Check the online tank game. Visit my new sites if you like playing war game like tanks.WotNoobz.comandWotNoob.com.



Spread Offense Playbook Youth Football #1 Best Top 100 Plays (2024)
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