Top 5 Double Wing Plays for Youth Football Best DW Plays (2024)

Here are my Top 5 Double Wing Plays for Youth Football that have become my favorite double wing offense plays since 2007. These plays are part of my double wing offense playbook inside my multiple Power Wing Beast Offense playbook for youth football. My version of the DW offense is called Speed. Speed Wingbacks are wider than the traditional double wing offense WBs but I have mixed in some traditional DW plays / schemes for this post of the Double Wing offensive formation.

Check out my Double Wing Plays for Youth Football eBook; Double Wing Formation Selected Youth Football Plays by Coach Parker. It has over 200 unstoppable youth football plays in the DW formation. There are 8 different DW formation variations. A great DW Offense resource.

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The Double Wing formation is another offensive formation developed by Pop Warner. Many of the DW offensive principals are from the single wing playbook. Many teams, including mine, will run both offenses in combination taking advantage of each formations strengths. And since the double wing plays for youth football are somewhat similar the learning curve is not that long. I prefer to run the Spinner series from the double wing vs the single wing. At older ages, I also like to Spread out the Double Wing into a modern Spread look and use many of the same plays either in a 2×2 or 2×1 set. The DW is a very flexible offense.

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Here is some Double Wing Offense Plays for Youth Football. This is DW game video – 08 & 10 youth football seasons. These are 10U and 8U little league football teams. The 8u team in black in a Select team from DFW and the red Pirate team is a 10U semi Select team from Denver metro.

#1 Double Wing Play for Youth Football – 40 Gut Wedge

The Double Wing 40 FB Gut Wedge Youth Football Play is my top double wing offensive play for pee wee football. This play will decimate a youth football defense quickly, especially when the DW misdirection plays are working. It just works and the Wedge play should be in everyone’s youth football play book. That’s why it is number 2 on myBest Offensive Plays in Youth Footballlist.

Yes, I am a fan of the Wedge play but the Double Wing Wedge is a piece of artwork. I like to run the fake double reverse behind the Wedge on this play version. See the DW play diagram below.

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I love all the eye candy for the LBs and DBs with the fake Double Reverse play. This play is great for short yardage and long plays too. Do not be afraid to use the Wedge in youth football. Especially since many coaches will hide weaker players in the A gaps. I like to switch my OTs and OGs on this play for more beef at the point of attack. This strategy works great. We also have a quick audible call for this play if the Defense gives us the middle. All these reasons are why the DW FB Wedge is #1 on my double wing plays for youth football top 5 list.

#2 Double Wing Plays for Youth Football – WB Counter

The DW Motion WB Counter play is my #2 Double Wing Play for Youth Football. This misdirection play is what the double wing does best. Razzle Dazzle the Defense. Over active pursuing youth football defenses are easily fooled with this WB counter play. Offensively you set it up by a Sweep of Off-Tackle play to the opposite side. Wait for the Defense to cheat and over pursue then hit them with the Counter play. Almost unstoppable some days.

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During my 2007 pee wee season this DW counter play had an over 50% TD success rate running this play against rec defenses in the Denver metro area. For this reason it is #2 on my double wing plays for youth football list.

#3 Double Wing Play for Youth Football – Toss Power Dive

The Double Wing Toss Power play is the base play for the traditional Double Wing Offense, especially if your guards and tackles can pull. Basically everyone playside is severe angle blocking down, backside guard and maybe tackle can pull around, fullback kicks out the DE / Contain man and the WB goes in motion receives the toss acting like a possible sweep then cuts back into the C gap. When all the moving parts are working, this traditional double wing play is a masterpiece in offensive line blocking for power football dive play.

Top 5 Double Wing Plays for Youth Football Best DW Plays (6)

I love seeing youth football lineman pull around in front of the ball carriers. We ran this play a ton when I was coaching a 4th and 6th grade Select team in DFW. The HC / Offensive Coordinator was a big fan of the double wing and the 6th grade lineman were very experienced pullers by the time they hit the 12U team.

My Beast Tank play is a similar play in concept but with less moving parts. But when this DW power play is run correctly the possibilities of this play confuses the youth defenders and this why it is #3 on my Double Wing plays for youth football list.

#4 Double Wing Plays for Youth Football – TE Pop Pass

The DW Backdoor TE Pop Pass was #5 on my best youth football plays list from several years ago. This quick hitting pass play is still a favorite play from many formations but it is extra special from the double wing due to the motioning wingback eye candy for the DBs.

Top 5 Double Wing Plays for Youth Football Best DW Plays (7)

Many times this backside CB is weak or playing up on the line for run and the linebacker will focus on the motioning wingabck which will allow the backside TE to leak out into the flat for a open pass. This is a great play action misdirection youth football play and this is why it made it on my top 5 double wing plays for youth football list.

#5 Double Wing Play for Youth Football – Double Reverse

Double Wing Double Reverse play for youth football is a fun play when you need a big gainer. Maybe its 3rd and 20, perfect time to find this play on your play call sheet. Or maybe its the last play of the first half and you do not have a passing QB.

In 2007 and 2008, we had two very fast wingbacks and this play was one of our go to plays when we needed to get out of a bind. Since there is quite a bit of ball handling, this double wing for youth football play needs practice.

Top 5 Double Wing Plays for Youth Football Best DW Plays (8)

I like to run this play with wider wing backs than the traditional double wing plays for youth football. This way the Defense can see the motion and get their eyes focused on the motioning back. The QB will toss the football to the motion back and the motion back can hand off or do a lite toss up which works better from some running backs. If you #2 wingback has been killing the Sweep earlier in the game then this play will probably be a touchdown. We had a high percentage of scores with this play when we had two speedy Wingbacks, thus why I call my variation of the Double Wing – Speed.

This double reverse play is so fun for the players, coaches and fans and that’s why it is in my top 5 double wing plays for youth football list.

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Top 5 Double Wing Plays for Youth Football Best DW Plays (2024)
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